About us

Buy For Life is a centralized, independent place to find information about a product and its manufacturer.

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The Problem we are solving

Finding and researching durable and sustainable products can be very time-consuming. I always spent a lot of time reading reviews and blogs before deciding which product to buy. The overwhelming amount of stuff in our world is just not made to last. Based on what do you make your purchase decisions today? Probably some poor amazon review and some marketing jargon on the brand's website.

Wouldn't it be great to have a centralized, independent place to find information about a product and its manufacturer?

The Solution we are building

Buy For Life should become the Rotten Tomatoes for products, almost like you check the trustworthy rating of a movie before you watch it, people could check a product and its manufacturer before they purchase it. A platform to overcome cheap products, keep corporations accountable, and start caring about the amount of waste we produce.

  • This site will stay independent and unbiased. We are working hard to prevent fake reviews or spam.
  • The biggest asset of this site is credibility and trustworthiness. That's why we will never take money from advertisers.

The data we are using

We want to help you finding products and brand that reflect your values. That's why we collect a lot of information about a brand, i.e his manufacturing practices, certifications, warranty or repair service.
We are partnering with different companies and standardisation bodies that assess sustainable production standards.

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